2010 and 2011

Looking back at my year in 2010, here are some things that stand out (professionally that is):

  • Organized my various AS3 classes into library and put it up online at code.johnpolacek.com, with a repo at google code.
  • Finished the artwork for Missile To The Moon (should be coming out in Spring 2011)
  • Got published on Activetuts+.
  • Rebuilt johnpolacek.com with my own custom HTML5 WordPress theme
  • Attended Adobe Max, and wrote about it here
  • Built my first iPhone/Android app, Touch The Trend, and in doing so…
  • Created my first PHP/MySQL backend
  • Set up my first cron job

In 2010, I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to accomplish and learn. Looking forward to 2011, the picture isn’t as clear. With all the exciting things happening in web development, I probably won’t be undertaking any major comic book projects. The pace of innovation on the web is ever-increasing, so it is a bit difficult to predict what the trends will be and what exactly I’ll be working on. Mobile? Apps? HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript development? Cool Flash stuff? Expanding my PHP and MySQL knowledge? Probably all that and more.

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