What I’m Working On

Been a real busy couple months working on a few different projects, most of which I can’t really talk about too much in detail.

New App – Collaborating on a new app with a friend. Building with the Corona SDK once again for iOS and Android, and also going to build a web app version in HTML5, JS and CSS3. The fun part is that I’m getting my first experience with AWS for it.

What Is HTML5 Site – I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a site that has an overview of HTML5 for laypeople. Of course, it is built in HTML5, but the fun part is that I created a jQuery plugin that does DOM manipulation based on scroll events.

Big Client Project – Building a quiz game web app with features like badges, a leaderboard and prizes. Going to be a single page app that uses a lot of fun stuff like jQuery Templates, jQuery Mobile, HTML5 and a custom-built API. The first two projects are going to be on hold while this one sucks up all my dev time.

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