What I Love About Github

I just set up my Github homepage. I’ve been seeing all these people setting up cool project pages and wanted to get in on it.

I’ve been posting code to Github for quite some time (and Google Code before that). I made the switch to Git from SVN awhile back. For my own personal workflow, where I mostly code solo, there isn’t too much benefit for Git over SVN. However, Git does have one killer feature, and that is Github.

Github is a tremendously useful site. Between that and StackOverflow, it has never been a better time to be a developer. Here are the things I love about Github:

  • The code. Oh. My. God. Frameworks, utilities, helpful gists, apps, etc. etc. So much goodness on there.
  • The people. Who isn’t on Github these days. And you can interact with them all. Ask questions, make pull requests, fork their stuff. In my inbox, I have messages from Scott Jehl, Nathan Smith, Shi Chuan and Paul Irish. Mother F’ing Paul Irish. How cool is that?!
  • Free Code Storage. Oh yeah, and you can put all your code up there. (Well at least the public stuff, for private I use bitbucket)

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