A Great Month

Wow, what a great few weeks I’ve had.

Things started off when on New Year’s Day I posted my Scrollorama plugin to Hacker News and a couple other places. To my great surprise, it shot up to #1 on HN and stayed on the front page for pretty much the whole day.

Then it started showing up on Twitter, and got a lot of great compliments from people I really respect. I even got a tweet favorited by Paul Irish. The fun continued when Scrollorama got featured in dailyjs and The Verge and softpedia.

Then, my “What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design?” slides got posted to Hacker News, then linked to by a number of people, including Mr. HTML5 For Web Designers Himself, Jeremy Keith.

Finally, to top it all off, my work has been featured across JavaScript Weekly, The JavaScript Show and HTML5 Weekly, all in the same week.

Of course, I also have to say that Grant, my new baby boy, has been absolutely great. No colic, sleeps and eats well, and is just a pleasant baby. So, professionally and personally, it has been a really great time for me. Thanks everybody!

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