Stuff I Learned At SXSW, Part 1

One of the best sessions I’ve had so far was CSS For Grown-Ups by Andy Hume.

Some of the highlights:

  • CSS is ‘Constraint Programming’.
  • Obsession with eliminating ‘classitis’ is outdated and not good practice.
  • The idea of doing a redesign without touching the markup is a myth.
  • Apply OOP principles to CSS. For example, extend your semantic classes, such as .promo-box–light (double dash indicates dependence).
  • Optimize for change! Website maintainability is supremely important.
  • Using semantic class names is emerging as new best practice.
  • Selector Queries – Andy’s JS solution for adjusting elements based on width using a data-squery attribute and adding classes.
  • Use surgical layout helpers, eg .gutter-left, .gutter-right in div containers.
  • New code practice: For sprite sheets, use <a><i class=”icon icon-comment”>
  • Don’t style pages, style modules.
  • Do styleguides in code, ala Twitter Bootstrap or Paul Robert Lloyd’s Styleguide.
  • Style guides are a great opportunity to bring design and dev together.

For a more in-depth overview of the talk, check out this blog post along with the slides.

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