Stuff I Learned At SXSW, Part 2

I knew a lot of the stuff that was talked about in the Killer App Design session by Jonathon Morgan, but there was still plenty of valuable food for thought and ideas in there. Also, he was an engaging, comfortable speaker with a good sense of humor, which made for a nice way to start the day.

Some things I took away:

  • Instead of using a class name (which can change) to select, use a semantic data- attribute (for example data-action="reveal").
  • Jonathon proposed ditching AJAX for WebSockets in your app whenever that is possible.
  • Use Web Workers for JS multithreading to optimize your app.
  • I have a fine understanding of the module pattern, but need to get into pub/sub more.
  • Jasmine and Selenium are the tools of choice for testing large scale JS apps.

There were plenty of other things he touched on as well. Check out the slides at

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