Front End Interview Questions

A few months ago, Darcy Clarke posted a collection of Front End Developer Interview Questions to Github. Another dev at work shared them with me a couple weeks ago. I took a look at them and decided they would be a great knowledge check. For some questions, I knew the answer straight away. For others I knew what the question was getting at, but had a hard time translating the answer from being understood logic in my brain to words (like explaining how closures work). Other questions referred to a concept I was familiar with, but didn’t know or remember the terminology for. Going through these was a great review for me. I looked up and read about all of the topics, even the ones I knew pretty well.

Personally, I think it works better as a Front End Developer Trivia Quiz, as I don’t think some of the questions are particularly vital for a Front End Dev job candidate to know off the top of their head. When I interview people, I’m not looking to ask a lot of ‘gotcha’-type questions. Instead, I ask more about what the person is into, their comfort level doing certain kinds of projects and take a look their code (then ask questions based off of that). Perhaps this questionnaire was intended to be for a written response interview, in which case I think it would work pretty great.

Take a go at it, and when you finish, you can read my responses to all the questions on my Front End Dev Questions Github fork.

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