Channel of Awesome

Like I imagine is the case for most large ad agencies, we have a number of large flat screen tv’s in various places around the office. They show things like CNN, our creative reel, etc. I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to see on these screens. What I’ve come up with is the Channel of Awesome – a collection of video clips featuring modern technology that I consider mindblowing. The kind of stuff that makes you feel like you’re living in the future.

What about other people who might want to share their own collections of amazing videos? Well, I’ve open sourced the project on Github and have made it fairly easy for anybody to create their own Channels of Awesome. Do you like cat videos? Just go onto YouTube and Vimeo, gather the video ID’s of the best cat videos the internet has to offer and create a link like this:,youtube:plWnm7UpsXk,vimeo:23608259

Voila, you now have a Channel of Awesome for cats!

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