Awesome Responsive Screenshots


Below is a quick, simple way to generate screenshots of Responsive websites like this (note: link is a big image, so it will take a while to load).

Go to the Responsivator website and enter the url of the website. Check the hide header option. This will generate you a url like this:

Go to that url and use the Capture Webpage Screenshot Chrome Extension to take a screenshot. After a few seconds of processing time, you will have yourself a nice looking screen capture of your website across a variety of screen sizes (like this).

If you’d like to customize the screen sizes, click the customize button in Responsivator and adjust the frames settings

Note: This article has been updated since originally published. The tool previously recommended is no longer available (as you may notice in the comments).

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    • Confirmed screenshot website does work with the no header URL, as directed. May just need to refresh and re-paste URL.

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