Techweek Day 2: How to Turn Tweets Into $$$

Some key points from the panelists (Natalia Oberti Noguera, Rick Murray, Justyn Howard and Brad Burke

  • People don’t relate to companies, they relate to people.
  • If you have a company account, also have a personal account.
  • Some companies are using Twitter as a primary customer interface.
  • Don’t chase or place too much importance on a single negative tweet.
  • Having a 5-minute response time is one thing, but having a good response is better.
  • Don’t just respond with a link, taking extra time to answer a question will create a better interaction.
  • Storytelling is compelling (more compelling perhaps that retweet to win a prize).
  • Storify is a great tool.
  • The Advanced Search in Twitter is a nice tool too.
  • Natalia Oberti Noguera’s primary advice: Be Helpful

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