Open Source Your Code For Fame and Fortune

My slides from my Techweek Chicago presentation are going to be published live (wifi permitting) during the talk. Once that happens, you can check them out at . The presentation was built on top of a new html presentation framework I just started working on. It is called TweenDeck, and it is built on top of the Greensock Animation Platform. If you know what you are doing in Greensock, and understand how to build a Timeline animation, then you will find it super easy to use. It is a bit time intensive, as you have to handcode a lot of animations, but what you wind up with is a pretty slick preso. In addition to building presentations, I could see it being used to create things like product demos and animated stories in the browser.

As a followup, below are some additional resources related to what I talked about in the session.

Open Source Resources

3 thoughts on “Open Source Your Code For Fame and Fortune

  1. Where can I find TweenDeck? In the spirit of your talk I suppose you have open sourced it for fame and fortune…

  2. The presentation does look very slick!
    I’ve been looking for a JS presentation system; might have to hack at it sometime to add remote control & tagging…