Open Source For The Wins

awwwards-articleI was browsing around some web design award sites today. So much inspiring stuff out there to be found. What do all these beautiful and often amazing award-winning websites have in common? They all use open source projects from Github and elsewhere. As someone who releases open source, it is thrilling when you view the source of one of these sites and see your own code mixed in there.

So I want to thank all the people out their using my code to help them power their creations. Knowing that my projects are being used by talented people all over the world is both tremendously motivating and also a bit mind-blowing.

Here’s a list of some of the latest award-winning sites that use my open source stuff:

Sites using SuperScrollorama (and also Greensock Animation):

Ikea, Life Of One Kitchen
Won a Smashing Award and was a CSS Awards Site of the Day.

Alpina, Life is Vertical
Won a CSS Design Award and a Smashing Award. Also a Design Inspiration Selection.

New Škoda Octavia
A CSS Awards Site of the Day and Design Licks Site of the Day
FWA Shortlist

Sites using BigVideo.js:

WhiteShoe by Ferragamo
A Smashing Awards winner.

Awwwards Honorable Mention and featured on Smashing Awards
FWA Shortlist

herrlich media
An Awwwards Site of the Day and CSS Design Award Winner and Make Better Websites selection.

Whiteboard Agency
An Awwwards Site of the Day and CSS Awards Site of the Day
No awards yet, but I think it is pretty slick!

And thanks also to all the other award winning sites using my open source projects that I’ve mentioned in the past.

Lastly, a special shoutout to Alexander Prinzhorn and his magnificent skrollr project. Many a time I have viewed source of a really cool scrolling website in hopes that it was using my code, only to discover that it is a Skrollr site. At which time, I clench my fist and shout “Skrollr! You got me again, haha.”

Update: Here’s a new BigVideo.js winner
L’Attrape Rêve
Awwwards Site of the Day

Update: BigVideo.js has just got its first FWA Site of the Day via Nectar Estudio!
Lois Jeans
FWA Site of the Day

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