Speaking at Front End Camp Chicago and Introducing TweenDeck

John Polacek speaking at Front End Camp Chicago

Over the weekend, I gave a talk titled “Rethinking CSS: Go Functional for Scaling, Performance & Simplicity” at Front End Camp Chicago. The event was organized by the folks at Chicago Camps who do a fantastic job of putting on conferences for a great price. Check out their upcoming events at chicagocamps.org.

In it I spoke about the various things I’ve learned as I have been working in Atomic, and provided actual stats from Gesture’s CSS dating back to when I first joined the company.

You can see the slides from the talk here. Thanks to Sergio Gomez for taking the pic!

Rethinking CSS: Go Atomic for Scaling, Performance and Simplicity

The other cool thing is that I built those slides with a new library that I created called TweenDeck. Powered by Greensock, it makes easy to add custom animations to web presentations. I have open sourced TweenDeck, check out the project page on Github here. I also built a fancy little introduction animation here.

Introducing TweenDeck, next level animation for slide web presentations

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