I lead front end development at Gesture. Our technology helps charities raise more money at their events by moving fundraising away from pen and paper and onto their mobile devices. We are the pioneers of mobile bidding, and have run more mobile bidding silent auction events than anyone else.

If you work with any schools, nonprofits or community groups that host fundraising events, contact us to see how our team can help.

Gesture Website
The Gesture Website has more information about our services and what we are about. My favorite section is the letters from our charity partners where over 100 of them have written about their great experiences working with us.

The Gesture Event Demo

Gesture Mobile Bidding Silent Auction Event Demo
Click here or text BID to 52182 for a technology demo.

Open Source Projects

In my spare time, I love to create and share projects on my Github Page. I love seeing when people all over the world take something I create and use it in their own projects. The open source web community is an amazing thing to be part of.

Scrollorama & SuperScrollorama

SuperScrollorama Scrolling Animation Plugin
Scrollorama was a big hit when it was released on Github in January 2012, and again when its sequel, SuperScrollorama, came out a few months later. Used by web developers all over the globe to build fun big brand sites like Target’s Exclusive Brands website, award-winning sites like Zipper Galleria and groundbreaking animated infographics like Inception Explained. Making it easy to add scroll animations and effects to web pages, Scrollorama has been featured on The Next Web, The Verge, The JavaScript Show, Hacker News and JavaScript Weekly


BigVideo.js makes it easy for developers to create sites with big fullscreen video backgrounds. It hit #1 on Hacker News and was featured on Wired Magazine’s Webmonkey. After getting such great attention, I was asked by the popular web design and development publication Codrops to write a tutorial. It made Speckyboy Design Magazine’s list of Best jQuery Plugins of 2012. As the popularity of video on the web has grown, websites have used BigVideo.js to win various design awards.


Built on top of node.js, ControlDeck.js lets you control HTML5 presentation decks like flowtime.js, deck.js, reveal.js and impress.js on your phone or tablet.


Responsivator is a tool for viewing and sharing how websites look at different screen sizes. It has become a new part of the web production workflow for developers, designers, agencies and clients.

Extra Strength Responsive Grids

Extra Strength Responsive Grids
Extra Strength Responsive Grids is fluid CSS grid system for responsive web design. Built on top of SASS, it is highly customizable and allows web authors to rearrange content in ways that other grid systems can’t.

The Channel Of Awesome

The Channel of Awesome is the best of what happens you combine art and science. A curated collection of videos that play in a loop, the channel displays the latest in creative technology and design. The source code for the site is up on Github, allowing anyone to make their own.

What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design?

This presentation on Responsive Web Design has been shared so many times across the internet that it is one of the top Google search results for the topic (ranked right after the Wikipedia article and the guy who wrote the book on it). Built on my Scrolldeck.js HTML5 presentation framework powered by Scrollorama, “What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design?” is not just a presentation, but a responsive website itself.

Match The Letter Game

A little learn-the-alphabet game I made for my son, this app has gotten over 10,000 downloads and made the iTunes New & Noteworthy list for Kids Learning Games. Built with Corona, it was published for Apple and Android devices. Source code is on Github.

Agency Work

Many of the projects I worked on in my agency days are private and can’t be shared. Below are some that I can. You can also view all my open source projects on Github.

Got Chocolate Milk?

Built with Extra Strength Responsive Grids, the new adapts itself to fit on any screen size.

El Jimador Tequila, Party Planner

A classic from back in the days when I was doing Flash.

No longer active:

Milk, Pour One More

KFC, Quest for the Golden Chipotle

KFC, She Boutique

alli, Mall Tour Promo

Humane Society, The Shelter Pet Project

Centocor, Are You Serious? Quiz