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Happy Bolivian Independence Day

Originally published on 8/8/2021
Flag of Bolivia

This past Friday was Bolivian Independence Day. Some of the developers I’m fortunate enough to work with are from Bolivia. They all had the day off and at our standup the day before I asked if there was a dish I could prepare to celebrate them here with my family in Chicagoland.

They sent me a recipe for Pique Macho. I didn’t have all the exact ingredients, but I did my best. Luckily I had fresh tomatoes and Cowhorn Peppers from our garder. The end result was absolutely delicious!

Pique Macho ingredients preparationCooking Pique Macho on the stove topPique Macho served in a bowl

I recommend you add a calendar reminder for next year and try it yourselves. Happy Bolivian Independence Day!