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Introducing Hot Sauce

Originally published on 11/20/2022
Hot Sauce, the fresh hot recipe for building better web apps

Hot Sauce is my new starter project for building web apps with Remix combined with Tailwind UI, Firebase, Stripe, Netlify, Sendgrid, and more.

Remix: Hot Sauce is built on top of Remix, a powerful framework for building server-rendered React applications. Remix allows you to write your front-end and back-end code in a single language (JavaScript) and provides advanced features like automatic code-splitting and caching.

Tailwind UI: Hot Sauce is intended to be used with Tailwind UI, a set of pre-designed UI components that you can use to quickly build beautiful and responsive user interfaces. With Tailwind UI, you can focus on building your app's functionality rather than spending hours designing custom CSS. Get your license for Tailwing UI at

Firebase: Hot Sauce integrates with Firebase, a popular backend platform that provides real-time database, authentication, and cloud messaging services. Firebase makes it easy to build scalable and secure web apps without worrying about server management.

Stripe: Hot Sauce includes integration with the Stripe SDK, a payment processing platform that makes it easy to accept credit card payments on your web app. With Stripe, you can quickly build custom payment forms and handle complex payment flows.

Netlify: Hot Sauce is deployed on Netlify, a modern hosting platform that provides advanced features like continuous deployment, asset optimization, and serverless functions. Netlify makes it easy to deploy and scale your web app without worrying about infrastructure management.

Sendgrid: Hot Sauce includes Sendgrid, an email delivery platform that makes it easy to send transactional and marketing emails from your web app. With Sendgrid, you can customize your email templates, track email opens and clicks, and integrate with your favorite marketing tools.

Cloudinary: Hot Sauce integrates with Cloudinary, a cloud-based image and video management solution that simplifies the process of uploading, storing, and managing media files. With Cloudinary, you can easily upload images and videos to your web app and optimize them for faster loading times. It also provides features like automatic image resizing, optimization, and transformation, which can be customized to fit your project requirements.

Cypress: Hot Sauce comes with a foundation of Cypress integration tests. Cypress is a modern testing tool that enables developers to write end-to-end integration tests for their web apps. With Cypress, you can simulate user interactions and test your app's functionality across different browsers and devices. It also provides features like time-travel debugging and automatic screenshot capturing, which can help you quickly identify and fix bugs.