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Playing with the Open AI API

Originally published on 2/24/2023
Bot Luck, pot luck dinners generated by robots

Lots of stuff happening with AI in software development. I’ve been experimenting with Open AI and ChatGPT, Midjourney and other AI technology. I ran across this blog post by Hassan El Mghari and this tweet then was inspired.

I was able to quickly put together this fun little project called BotLuck. It is a fun themed recipe generator powered by Open AI’s API.

After getting the project deployed to, I gave a little Lunch & Learn presentation to the engineering department at work. Shortly after that, Open AI came out with a new gpt-turbo model which made my app run 10x faster at 10x cheaper in API cost.

You can check out the code here and I've also got some React Hooks for working with Readable Stream data in this gist.

Lots of fun stuff happening! I’ve already started up working on a new project.