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Websites that Create Themselves

Originally published on 8/13/2023
Not Yet News, Speculative Satire from the Future

I’ve been wanting to experiment with creating websites that have automated content generation using AI. So I built Not Yet News, a satirical news website with articles set 100 years in the future, loosely based on today's headlines.

My brother Steve came up with the name and quickly threw together a logo. I played around with prompt engineering and discovered that it works best when you have a unique seed to provide the OpenAI API so I made a script that gets the current headlines from the NYTimes API. The tricky part proved to be finding a good service to execute the long-running node script that generates the content.

I wrote more in-depth about it in How to Build Dynamic Websites Powered by Automated AI-Generated Content on Medium.

Already thinking about what else I might use this pattern with.