Adobe MAX Day 1

Today was my first day at the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles. The full conference officially starts tomorrow, but they had all day pre-conference sessions going today.

Stuff I’ve learned:

  • Adobe is launching a new product, Rome.
  • Adobe Bridge is not the performance hog it once was (especially when you adjust the default image rendering). Worth another look.
  • Bunch of new Adobe Illustrator Techniques (Perspective, Draw Inside, Align To Pixel, Artboards, Recolor Artwork Button).
  • Bunch of new Photoshop Techniques (Content Aware Fill, Refine Edge/Refine Mask, Save Selection, Mixer Brush, Puppet Warp).
  • Adobe has a feature request form at this link.
  • InDesign can do a pretty good job at creating basic interactive content (as a swf).
  • Flash Catalyst is meant to use in a workflow with Flash Builder (Flex). There is no workflow for it to work with Flash Professional.

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