Adobe MAX Day 2

Stuff I learned on day 2:

  • Keep up with the latest stats with data collected from Adobe’s SiteCatalyst at
  • Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite, the technology behind the digital publishing efforts of Wired and other Condé Nast publications, is now available as a beta.
  • It is possible to use a mobile device as a peripheral to your desktop. For example, during Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch’s keynote, he showed a demo using an android tablet as a painting tool for photoshop.
  • Adobe Air for TV provides yet another outlet for using your ActionScript skills.
  • Adobe has purchased Day Software to use as its official CMS of choice for its development tools and workflow. Worth taking a look.
  • InMarket is Adobe’s solution to help developers streamline app publishing and distribution to multiple stores (except Apple’s obviously).
  • Adobe projects that the Flash Player will be installed on 53% of mobile devices in 2012.
  • As part of their Flash Platform Services, Adobe has developed a Social service, powered by Gigya, that enables developers to easily integrate with social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others with their applications
  • FlashMobileBlog is a great place for keeping up with the latest with the Flash Player on Mobile Devices.
  • Todd Anderson has developed a nice set of AS3 components for mobile named as3flobile.
  • A wide array of techniques for optimizing performance for Flash from Grant Skinner, including a really nifty tool for analyzing code from Adobe called FlexPMD.
  • Jack Doyle (Greensock) is as nice in person as he is virtually.

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