John Polacek

Chicago Web Developer

John Polacek is a web developer from Chicago who leads front end at GiveSmart.

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MDX Deck with Greensock Animation

I combined my favorite new React presentation deck awesome sauce (MDX Deck) with my favorite old do-anything-you-can-imagine animation platform (Greensock) to make an animated version of the MDX Deck Demo. Check it out at and on Github. Redesign

Chicago Tech Events Website

The website is getting a new design and being rebuilt as a Gatsby site and hosted on Netlify. People will be able to submit events via a Netlify Function that creates a new markdown file for the new event and uses the Github API to create a pull request which I can then review and add to the site.

Making a Gatsby Events List Starter

I made a basic events list Gatsby Starter, forked from the Gatsby blog starter. See it in action at and check out the code on Github.

Hello World Again

As one does, I have re-done my Wordpress blog with Gatsby. Why? No more database. Better performance. Great developer/authoring experience. Authoring in MD.. MDX... yeah, that’s the good stuff.

CSS-in-JS or CSS-and-JS

CSS-in-JS or CSS-and-JS Project Page

I built this new school/old school CSS/JS thing. It is awesome and it sucks. Maybe you can learn something from it? That would be great. That’s why I did it. You can do something better probably. Please do.

Notes from AWS Summit

I attended the AWS Summit in Chicago this week. Like many other tech companies, we at Gesture use various AWS products so it was a nice opportunity to get exposed to what is becoming possible with their platform.