John Polacek

Chicago Web Developer

John Polacek is a web developer from Chicago who leads front end at GiveSmart.

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Making a Gatsby Events List Starter

I made a basic events list Gatsby Starter, forked from the Gatsby blog starter. See it in action at and check out the code on Github.


Hello World Again

As one does, I have re-done my Wordpress blog with Gatsby. Why? No more database. Better performance. Great developer/authoring experience. Authoring in MD.. MDX... yeah, that’s the good stuff.


CSS-in-JS or CSS-and-JS

CSS-in-JS or CSS-and-JS Project Page

I built this new school/old school CSS/JS thing. It is awesome and it sucks. Maybe you can learn something from it? That would be great. That’s why I did it. You can do something better probably. Please do.


Notes from AWS Summit

I attended the AWS Summit in Chicago this week. Like many other tech companies, we at Gesture use various AWS products so it was a nice opportunity to get exposed to what is becoming possible with their platform.


Speaking at Front End Camp Chicago and Introducing TweenDeck

John Polacek speaking at Front End Camp Chicago

Over the weekend, I gave a talk titled Rethinking CSS - Go Functional for Scaling, Performance & Simplicity at Front End Camp Chicago. The event was organized by the folks at Chicago Camps who do a fantastic job of putting on conferences for a great price.