John Polacek

Chicago Web Developer

John Polacek is a web developer from Chicago who leads front end at GiveSmart.

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Trick or Treat It Forward

Halloween is tricky this year so we are doing something different this year. A family project we call Trick or Treat It Forward with donations going to Lakeview Pantry, Chicago’s largest food pantry. Check out the demo site.


Growth Areas for a Software Developer

I’ve been interested in using Next.js and MDX to take a README markdown file in a Github project and transforming it into something interesting. So I wrote up a markdown document and published it at


Use Prettier and Stop Worrying About Code Formatting

I used to be a 4-space tabber. I remember caring enough to use my text editor to convert 2-space to code to 4-space whenever I ran across it. Then I started using Prettier.


How to Use Your on Your Project’s Docs Page

You have a project. You want to make a Docs Page. You already wrote documentation in Do you need to have two copies of your ReadMe? Heck no! Here is a quick tip on how to use the content from your README on your project’s docs page.


Adding Dark Mode to a Next.js Site

A quick look at how I add dark mode to a Next.js site with code examples.